Fine-Tines TM Testimonials


Thought you would like to know that in my book, "The Perfect Stall," as well as on the website, my book "The Longevity Plan: Ten Simple Steps To Help Your Horse Live Younger, Longer," in myriad magazine articles,  and in my public appearances such as the Massachusetts, Ohio, and Pomona Equine Affaires, I recommend your stall fork. I also plan to feature your fork in my upcoming book, The Perfect Barn Tools" (working title). 

Karen E. N. Hayes DVM MS
author of: The Complete Book of Foaling; Emergency! The Active Horseman's Book of Emergency Care; Hands-On Horse Care; Hands-On Senior Horse Care; The Perfect Stall; The Longevity Plan: Ten Simple Steps To Help Your Horse Live Younger, Longer.

It's been wonderful so far - much better than the other forks we've used in the past.  Thank you very much!

Laura Nelson


I just purchased your Fine-Tines Stall Fork at a tack store (Stage Coach
West) here in NY and I have to just tell you how much I love it.  I raise
miniature horses and have been looking for the perfect fork to clean their stalls.  All the forks I have tried, Future Fork, Dura Fork among others
always lets everything fall through the tines.  The stall never really looked clean but now when I clean with the Fine Tine Fork, the stall is clean.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I am letting everyone that has minis know about your Fine-Tines Stall Fork.
Thank you again,
Linda Pomana
Cayuga Creek Farm


I saw your fork at the American Miniature Horse Association National Show this past weekend in Fort Worth.  They were sold out and my Trainer bought one and I saw it and just can't wait for it to come in.  It is perfect for the Miniatures.  Thanks for such a handy improvement on the old daily task.

Scott T. Jonson


Thank you, Thank-you, thank-you!  Your Fine-Tines stall cleaning tool is the best thing I've ever seen for getting a stall neat and clean in no time!  It gets up even the smallest pieces of manure and debris, and you can smooth the bedding out without reaching for another tool.  I was concerned about whether it would be sturdy enough to stand up to long-term use, but it's been great!  It works perfectly with our pelleted bedding, but I've had terrific results with conventional sawdust too!  I really think this is a great innovation and I look forward to your next invention.

Kelley A. Young DVM


Hello!  I received my stall forks the day before yesterday and put them to use immediately.  I LOVE IT!  It does exactly what you said it would do.  Picks up the manure and hay and keeps it through normal shaking to remove bedding.  It shortens my cleaning time even more and I don't have to be so CAREFUL!

Gale Swift